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 Sanyo Color Works, LTD. we are a pioneer of "color science".
Doing science of color, Offering contribution to the world.
     We were born in 1931 as the first specialized organic pigment manufacturer in Japan. From starting the business as TECHNOLOGY ORIENTED Company, we made effort to supply market satisfied pigment and colorant for ink, paint, textile, plastic field and now expanding the digital device field with special functional pigment and NANO-meter sized dispersion technology.

   As economic borders decrease globally, we continue to strengthen corporate culture responding to globalization by supporting and recruiting employees regardless of nationality who wish to work in this environment.

   Head quarter is located in Himeji city where show industrial and historical faces. Himeji castle built 400 years ago is the symbol of city, as well known as one of World Heritage. cc(picture )
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2014.5.14 participated in INTERDYE 2014
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