From material development to its processing, SANYO leverages three original technologies of Synthesis, Micronization and Dispersion.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer powder pigments and various processing pigments that are suitable for the specifications of our customers' products, and develop products together with our customers to meet their needs also.
In addition to synthesis of pigments and related materials, our strengths are that we can consistently deal with micronizaton, particle control, surface treatment and dispersion.
We will clarify customer needs, and then work to resolve customer issues through our technologies and quality control abilities.

  • R&D

    Three technologies for pursuing color possibilities at R&D
    Synthesis / Micronization / Dispersion


    Thorough quality control at manufacturing
    Based on ISO9001, from raw material selection to production and shipping


    Proposal of suitable products at marketing
    Based on technical communications with customer for clarifying the needs and issues

  • Synthesis technology

    To synthesize organic pigments and its derivatives

  • Micronization technology

    To control the size of material particles at nanometer level

  • Dispersion technology

    To design and produce stable dispersions of pigment and other functional material