FPDs material

Color filters used in TVs, PCs and smartphones etc. are an important component that affects the color of flat-panel displays (FPDs).
Recent FPDs require particularly high brightness and high color reproducibility which needs the amount of pigment components in color resist ink to increase.

SANYO utilizes its original dispersion technology to further improve color purity and color reproducibility of color filters.
We are also actively developing new technologies to respond to the widespread use of a variety of panel applications, including organic EL displays, which are attracting attention as next-generation displays.

We have been actively exporting products to foreign countries from an early stage. In the area of FPDs material, we supply products to major customers in South Korea, Taiwan, and China as well as Japan.
We are deepening cooperation with global companies and promoting a total range of initiatives, such as gathering and analyzing needs, research and development, trial production and quality evaluation.

FPDs material
FPDs material

Color filter consists of three primary colors: Red, Green and Blue.
In order to improve the function of color filter, it is necessary to improve color resist, the material forming pixels of color filter.
Color resists are blended with a coloring material in addition to the resist component, and the color performance is mainly determined by the coloring material.
SANYO provides Super-Fine particle pigment dispersions (SF COLOR) which are dispersed to nano-levels as the coloring materials for color resists.
SANYO's SF COLOR features high optical properties and transparency through fine particle control.

FPDs material