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Introduction of Products

Introduction of products

Products are made through our core technologies - synthesizing, atomizing and dispersing. Additionally, customized samples, co-development, toll manufacturing and any other types of solutions are provided according to requests in case, intended applications are not shown. Please send us inquiries through inquiry form.

Our Main Products

<Organic Pigments>
Products : Azoic, Phthalocyanine, Dioxazine pigments
Applications : Gravure Inks, Automotive Paints, Plastics etc...
<Water based processed pigments>
Products : Sandye series, Emacol series
Applications : Water based paints, Stationery, Textile printings, Papers, Inkjet Inks etc...
<Non water based processed pigments>
Products : Colortex series, Pigmotex series, UT Color, SF Color
Applications : Acrylic Casting Sheet, Urethane Foam, Synthetic Rubber Goods, Plastics Paints, Wood Paints, Color Toner for Laser Printer, Inkjet Inks, Color Filter for LCD etc...
<Functional Pigments>
Products : Various metal substrate phthalocyanines, naphthalocyanine
Applications : Organic Photo Conductor, NIR-photosensitive material, catalysts etc...
Some features from our products lines;
<Emacol CT Color>
Pigment dispersion designed for pigment dyeing.
Typically used for pigment dyeing in garment form. Compared with conventional pigment dyeing, improved short and simple dyeing process contributes to saving energy as well as reducing waste water.
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<SF Color (Water and Non Water based)>
Nano microns sized pigment dispersion featuring optical spectrum and transparency offers wide applications for Inkjet, Color Filter, Plastic paints, Stationery inks etc...
<Various Metal Substrates Phthalocyanines>
Having different structure from generally known copper phthalocyanine pigments, electrical, optical or catalytic function can be obtained from various metal substrate phthalocyanine pigments.
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